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We are a dedicated team at Mind Core Wellness, so patients do not have to keep changing their coach. Find out about our mental wellness professionalS in Singapore and compassionate team at Mind Core Wellness.



Michael is a registered social worker specialising in clinical social work with a Master of Guidance and Counselling. He has been coaching clients in improving their mental wellbeing since 2011 and had worked in various settings. His clients range from children to the elderly. He uses an integrative spirit-soul-body approach in his solutions and often works on the root cause of his client’s issue.

During his time with the Institute of Mental Health, Michael developed and implemented a clinical case management model that increased the outpatient treatment compliance rate of high-risk patients by 40% in less than a year. In addition, he spearheaded the formation of a counselling unit and introduced strength-based programmes when he was with The Salvation Army. He was also awarded the Inspire Award during his stint with the Singapore Prison Service for being an inspiration to his colleagues. Besides his clinical practice, he had provided clinical supervision and training to fellow professionals. 

Michael has a Diploma in Dream Therapy, Advanced Certificate in Theology and Foundational Certificate in Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy. He is also a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Advanced Practitioner and Licentiate in Christian Ministry candidate. In addition, he had received training in Schema Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Christian Counselling, Gestalt Play Therapy, Water Play Therapy and Theraplay. 

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